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Hainalt City for The feminist strggle against economic discrimination did not trly begin ntil well after World War II This rsit of greater eqality was srred on by the 1952 blication of The Second Sex by French feminist Simone de Beavoir Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystiqe, written in 1963, had an even greater imact, challenging the notion that women find flfillment only in childrearing and homemaking In 1966 Friedan and others wold go on to fond the National Organization for Women NOW, which broght ressre on government and bsiness to end discrimination against women and initiated the second wave of contemorary feminism Dring this eriod, women’s gros lobbied, etitioned, and marched in demonstrations to ensre that eqal rights 124 thinking olitics for women wold be safegarded by the Constittion in the form of an Eqal Rights Amendment ERA The amendment stated that eqality of rights nder the law shall not be denied or abridged by the nited States or any state on accont of sex The ERA was not ratified by the reqired thirty-eight states within ten years of its assage by Congress in 1972; conseqently, it failed to become law Hainalt City 2016

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