Gurun for To be sure, theorizing also has its darker side. Theories of Aryan supremacy helped Adolf Hitler pitch Germany into a murderous war. Albert Einstein’s brilliant theories of particle physics eventually led to the development of thermonuclear bombs. A complex combination of economic, scientific, and social theories have aided in the unrestrained growth of industry and population that gravely threatens our environment. Still, the greatness of humankind has evolved largely out of the power of the human mind, and the engines of theory generated much of this power. Quite likely, some very basic form of theorizing occurs whenever humans focus their attention on particular parts of the world or come to perceive the world in particular ways. When we look up into the night sky and ponder the stars”whether they are assumed to manifest the hand of God or are appreciatedsolely for their aesthetic qualities, whether they are perceivedas astrological signs dictating our fates, as distant suns burning atomic fuel, or as navigational tools guiding our earthly travels”each of these perceptions has been structured by some cognitive scheme or conceptual system. Gurun 2016.

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