Grinar for Ideology may be sed as a relatively netral term or even a term of raise, as when Lenin seaks effsively of socialist ideology Nonetheless, the word always denotes the beliefs or vales of articlar gros or classes of eole rsing their own interests As sch, an ideological view, thogh it tyically lays claim to trth, netrality, and niversality, is not a articlarly objective view Ideology, for this reason, is freqently laced in oosition to trth, jst as the word ideological is freqently sed as a synonym for biased or self-serving To describe someone’s views as ideological is to sggest that her system of beliefs and vales was formed for the rose of legitimating her gro’s advantages within society If all social and olitical beliefs and vales serve the interests of those who hold them, and if they are formed recisely for this rose, what legitimacy do these beliefs and vales really have At the same time, we might ask the same qestion of olitical theorists erhas the olitical theorist is simly one ideologe among others Grinar 2016

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