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Gujarat map for His efforts ultimately failed to reign in inflation, despite the extreme penalties imposed on violators. 662 price controls During WORLD WAR II, President Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT attempted to hold the line on the cost of living with price controls. Through the Office of Price Administration, the Roosevelt administration set controls on prices, except for utility rates, fees for services, wages, prices charged by the media, and insurance rates. To enforce compliance, people could sue those who violated these controls for treble damages, seek court injunctions, or even criminal penalties. Many leading figures in guiding early OPA policies were academics, with little realworld experience in markets (among them John Kenneth GALBRAITH). As complaints regarding these OPA policies mounted, the Emergency Price Control Act of 1942 forced these academics out. It did this by requiring a fiveyear minimum of business experience for all OPA policymakers. Gujarat map 2016.

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