Guinea Bissau Map

Guinea-Bissau Politic map show the international boundaries, regions boundaries with their capitals and national capital.

‚ ‚ The map shows the location of Guinea Bissau in the World.

This map shows location of airport in Guinea Bissau. Capitals and major city have also been marked.


Georgetown : Georgetown is a garden city with many sights of interest. It lies at the mouth of the Demerara River and extends for

2 miles along the river front. It has excellent roads, wide and straight, and shady, tree-lined avenues. A visit to the Botanical Gardens is of first importance, quiet, cool and beautiful, a wonderland of tropical verdure, the plant population ranging from exquisite tropical flowers to experimental rice fields, the famous victoria regia, lotus lilies and graceful palms. The Zoological Park in the Botanic Gardens contains a collection of local fauna set in picturesque surroundings.

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