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It is difficult to establish whether these are real or fictitious works. IV. Relation to the Platonic tradition and earlier patristics. Guatemala Metro Map The author of the scholium on ps.-Dionysius edited in PG 4, 21D 1-3 was already aware of the very close correspondences, not only doctrinal but also terminological, between Proclus and the author of the Corpus though he ended by asserting the dependence of the former on the latter. In the modern period, among the many scholars who from the early 19th c. until now have examined the dependency of ps.-Dionysius on the Platonic tradition and esp. on Proclus’s Neoplatonism we should mention J.G.V.

A. The law of mone, proodos and epistrophe. Mone refers to the absolute transcendence of the first principle: motionless, detached from everything, unalterable and always the same De div. nom. 9,8,916B, and practically identical with henosis De div. nom. 2,4,640D. Proodos indicates its emanation or overflowing due to the superabundance of its energy, both when it produces beings by multiplying itself and when it manifests its providence and love toward them: it is thus identified on the one hand with diakrisis, pollaplasiasmos and creative activity, and on the other with pro,noia and e;rwj De div. nom. 4,4,712C. Yet proodos in no way alters the stable unity of mone.

Finally, epistrophe means the return of proodos to its original source De div. nom. 2,11,549B, as well as the conversion of beings produced by proodos toward the first principle and their tendency to unite to it: well considered, this second aspect of epistrophe is nothing but a particular case of the first, since all beings emanate from the one and are thus part of the divine proodos.

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