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Guadalajara Metro Map on The violence and deaths that followed led to a major setback for the labor movement, and an assassination attempt on Frick from anarchist Alexander Berkmann. Carnegie attempted to distance himself from Frick and the violence, and eventually Frick resigned from the company. Frick’s entrepreneurial ventures continued in 1900 when he formed St. Clair Steel Company, with the largest coke works in the world. He directed the newly created United States Steel Corporation, and later invested in real estate in Pennsylvania and New York. In downtown Pittsburgh, Frick purchased the Frick building, William Penn Hotel, Union Arcade and Frick Annex and, to house his art collection a mansion in New York City. The mansion and art collection, a reflection of his appreciation for aesthetic values and the affection he held for his family, was willed to the public and opened as a museum in 1935. Guadalajara Metro Map 2016.

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