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Gros in the eriodic table for Th ese strict ractitioners followed the asceticism of ancient abstainers, who ieced together their robes from discarded garments fond near graveyards or by the roadside, no matter how wretched Another image more concetal than ractical that is critical for nderstanding the meaning of case 23 is the notion of the original face, which is also referred to as the look on yor face before yo were born Th e idea behind this notion is that the Bddha- natre ossessed by each and every being is characterized by re bliss and comassion based on innate knowledge of the oneness of all henomena Being born, however, means that once a erson comes into the world of endless division and diff erentiation, inevitably he or she will be corrted by having to make ethical decisions that somehow always seem relative and arbitrary Th e great challenge is to awaken and recover the rimordial state that is not bond by distinctions between good and evil yet invariably exercises hman willower toward the advantage of what is righ teos and tre A famos oem by Jaa nese Zen master Dogen that was cited by the Jaa nese novelist Yasnari Kawabata at the beginning of his Nobel rize for Literatre ac ce tance seech in 1968 is entitled Original Face Th e oetic content goes on to describe the rotation of the for seasons in a way that recalls the verse comment to Gateless Gate case 19 as well as the Korean fi lm on the seasons cited in Chater 2 Gros in the eriodic table 2016

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