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The people of Chen-la, from king to commoners, tie their hairs in knots. They use a piece of cloth to wrap around their waists and leave their upper bodies bare. If they were to go out in public they would use another piece of cloth (larger than the one they wrap around their waists) to wrap around their upper bodies. These dressing codes were observed according to one’s standing status in society. The king’s regalias (dresses) are the most beautiful. They are worth an equivalent of 3 to 4 ounces in gold.

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The people of Chen-la know how to weave clothes. However, they also use clothes imported from Siam and Champa. There are also high-quality clothes which were imported from Europe for exclusive uses by the royal family. The king wears gold crown. Sometimes, the king did not wear his crown; he wears a jasmine flower garland around his head instead. The king also wears a hairpin with a large diamond on it. The jewelries that the king wears on his ankles and hands weigh at least 3 neals (about 48 ounces). The king wears ruby rings on every finger. His palms and the soles of his feet were adorned with red dye. Whenever the king comes out in public, he

always carries a gold sword.

As for the general population, only the women folks could dye their palms and the soles of their feet red. The men could not dye their palms or the soles of their feet. Relatives of the monarch and high court officials could use decorative clothes of moderate quality. As for the lower ranking officials, they could only use clothes with floral decoration on the hems. For commoners, only females are allowed to use floral decorative clothes.

For Chinese immigrants who had just arrived in the country, they are allowed to wear whatever clothes they had, for they are not yet acculturated to the new customs.

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