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Greece map of greece for One example is the impact of the ongoing encroachment of secularism into the sacred realm, making it increasingly diffi cult to adhere to the strict Pure Rules and other traditional customs and worldviews endorsed by koan literature. In the modern world, purity and sanctity are oft en sacrifi ced for the sake of con ve nience and practicality. Furthermore, some of the syncretistic trends, such as the unifying of koans with nembutsu recitation or other types of Buddhist and non- Buddhist training techniques, may lead to a watered- down version of the tradition of studying case rec ords if the respective traditions are not understood properly. On the so- called bad side, critics like Mishima in Th e Temple of the Golden Pavilion have pointed out abuses of koan rhetoric when social or personal diffi culties are masked by autocratic bombast. A similar criticism was off ered by Arthur Koestler in the book Th e Lotus and the Robot, which referred to koans as so much gibberish and gobbledygook. While Mishima was a self- proclaimed Shinto nationalist who rejected Buddhism as a foreign ideology, Koestler was a Eurocentric Christian who was disappointed by a mystical journey he made to India and Japan since he felt that meditation was suppressing rather than releasing spiritual freedom. Th erefore, their comments can easily be dismissed for representing foregone conclusions. Greece map of greece 2016.

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