Greece Country

Greece Country

HOW TO GET THERE: By Pan American Clipper to Rome, then by TA‚„E (Greek National Airlines) or other connecting airline, only 3 hours to Athens. By ship from New York, 15 to 18 days.

ACCOMMODATIONS There are many good hotels in Athens. In the de luxe group are: the Grande-Bretagne, the Athenee Palace and the King George. First class: National, Acropole Palace, Minerva, Xenias-Melathron.

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Greece Country

Rates at official exchange, about $4 single with bath, European Plan, at the best hotels; about $2. 50 in the first class.

Reservations should be made as far in advance as practicable for the period of April 15 to November 30.

ARTS: Athens is renowned for its classical remains dating back to the fourth century, B.C. and earlier. The main sights are: the Acropolis with the Parthenon, Temple of Nike, Proplaea, Erechteion, Temple of Theseus, Theater of Dionysos, Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Temple of Lympus Zeus, the Stadium. Byzantine Churches: Saints Theodores, Kapkikarea and Eleftherios. MUseums: Archaeological, Byzantine, Benaki (collection of national costumes), Zappeion Building (modern Greek art) and Zappeion Gardens.

BANKS: Bank of Greece, National and Athens Bank, Ionian Bank. The American Express Company is on Constitution Square. Traveler‚„s checks and letters of credit may be cashed at any bank. Banknotes may be exchanged only at the Bank of Greece or the American Express Company. Top hotels, restaurants and night clubs are authorized to exchange small amounts of foreign currency.

CALENDAR OF HOLIDAYS: Greek National holidays include: January 1 January 6; March 25, Independence Day; Good Friday; Easter and Monday following; August 15, Feast of Virgin Mary; October 28, Anniversary of entrance in World War II; December 25, December 26. Good Friday and Easter Sunday religious processions are typical of the Greek Orthodox Church.

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