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Great vacations for We are privileged to have a number of glorious images of historical comets standing up over the western horizon. In each case the comet was located in a zodiacal constellation and was setting in approximately the same location as the Sun the tail pointing upwards because tails are always oriented away from the Sun. The fact that the Star at its climactic appearance was probably irst seen in the south-southeast and then crossed the meridian in the south and inally set upright Matt. , seems to indicate that the scene occurred between October and December. At that time the angle of the ecliptic midway through the night, from the perspective of someone in the ancient Near East, was nearly vertical. Further, a comet that stands is most likely a straight-tailed comet. This, coupled with the fact that the Star was regarded as having fulilled Numbers , which prophesied that a straight-tailed cometary scepter would signal the Messiah’s coming, favors a narrowly inclined comet. Great vacations 2016.

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