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Great vacation spots for Finally, with regard to the BC Halley’s comet, the Babylonians recorded that it was seen in the irst part of some night in July/August and commented on the rate of its motion through the sky day beyond day one cubit and the northwestern direction of the -degree tail. From these surviving Babylonian records, we can get a good idea of what typical Babylonian cometary records looked like. Stephenson deduces from the Babylonian evidence that the Babylonian astronomers included entries concerning comets at particular stages of a comet’s apparition at the irst observation of the comet, at its heliacal setting, at its heliacal rising, whenever the comet i.e., coma became stationary relative to the ixed stars and constellations, and when the comet last appeared. Each entry after the initial one made a summary reference back to a previous entry concerning the comet. The Babylonians commented on the comet’s locations within the sky generally east, west, north, equatorial zone, south and speciically within the constellations, and the direction and length of the tail. Great vacation spots 2016.

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