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Great vacation deals for Third, there is no foundation for the claim that Pisces was widely regarded as the zodiacal sign of Judea and its eschatological King, the Messiah, at the turn of the ages. Fourth, we lack a single scrap of evidence that the star Alpha Aquarii had any messianic signiicance or that its rising would have communicated that a divine igure had been born. There is no way that the ordinary rising of this unimpressive star could have prompted the Magi to embark on a long journey to Judea in search of the Messiah. Fifth, this theory requires that the Magi took an inordinate amount of time to journey from their eastern homeland to Judea. At the same time, this hypothesis cannot explain why Herod asked when the Star had irst appeared or why the Magi told him that it had irst appeared between one and two years beforehand. Sixth, an ordinary star cannot plausibly be regarded as having stood over one particular house, pinpointing it. We can therefore safely eliminate this explanation of the Star of Bethlehem. Great vacation deals 2016.

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