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Great travel deals on M. Wolfe, ed., Leveller Manifestoes of the Puritan Revolution (Prometheus Books, 1944); J. Petras and M. Morley, Latin America in the Time of Cholera (Routledge, 1992); E. P. Thompson, The Making of the English Working Class (Penguin, 1968). Great travel deals 2016.

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Making children partners in routines as soon as they can participate contributes to a collaborative atmosphere. Parents can show infants how to cooperate in dressing by guiding them through the actions in a playful way and letting them push their arm through a sleeve or stick their head out of the top of a shirt. Toddlers like to help, and many parents discourage their participation because everything takes longer, but finding small tasks to include young children in routines helps them develop a clearer idea or a script of the behaviors that make up the family routines around eating, picking up, and cleaning. Parents can talk about the rules and the reasons for them so children can understand why they are important. Even when children are young and cannot understand the exact words, the tone of voice indicates there is a routine to follow.

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