Great British Comedy London’s comedy clubs are lively affairs, with the banter swinging between performers of all descriptions and frequently raucous audiences. The Comedy Store see p121 and Jongleurs see p128 are established venues, but it’s worth investigating the comedy pubs see website above, where the atmosphere is often a tad more spiky.

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They then lashed out and were likely to harm the child more than they wished. Their children were the least independent and self-controlled and could best be classified as immature. Both authoritarian and permissive parents had unrealistic perceptions of children. While Authoritarian parents tended to view children as having responsibilities similar to those of adults and Permissive parents tended to view children as having rights similar to those of adults, Authoritativeparents saw the balance between the responsibilities and rights of parents and the responsibilities and rights of children as a changing function of stage of development. Authoritative parents also interpreted the parental role as including the responsibility to teach children that in their relationship, each had to treat the other as they wished to be treated, and children were expected to behave the same way in their relationships with others outside the family.

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