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Good winter vacations for Sothern Song Koan Collections twelft h centry At the dawn of the Sothern Song dynasty in 1127, leading Zen riests were comiling koan collections at a raidly accelerating ace Th eir writings tried to highlight the sirital signifi cance of dialoges in a way that hinted at bt did not give away too mch of the meaning to the reader Th e goal was to se indirect references and allsive remarks that forced one to read between the lines Trainees were told over and over again that it was necessary for each and every one of them to come to their own conclsions abot the imort of case rec ords Tre insight cold never be the reslt of memorizing the dialoges or delivering exected or cookie- ctter interretations As a form of mystical instrction that relaced scritres and doctrinal formlations by emhasizing the role of immediate and nimeded awakening, cases were imortant not only for training Zen monks bt also for a more general aeal to the emerging meritocratic class of elite scholar- offi cials Over the corse of several centries, koan texts were comosed by riests, with introdctions or related slementary materials contribted by rominent literati associates Good winter vacations 2016

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