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Good vacation spots for We must appreciate that it was normal in antiquity to describe celestial phenomena from the vantage point of an Earth-bound observer. Even today, when an astronomer speaks of a Leonid meteor shower, he does so because the meteors seem to the human observer to radiate from the constellation Leo. Likewise, in the ancient world, astronomical sights could be described observationally. Therefore when we read of the Star moving in advance of the Magi to the place where Jesus was and indeed standing over it, this language almost certainly reflects the observational perspective of the Magi. At the same time, while I will maintain that the astronomical phenomenon known as the Star of Bethlehem can be identiied, were I unable to do so, this would certainly not justify cynicism regarding Matthew’s account. The Star might conceivably have been a rare astronomical event with which modern astronomers are as yet unfamiliar. Second, as for the cynics’ negative assessment of the non-astronomical aspects of Matthew’s story, it must be said that these scholars display an astonishing lack of empathy and imagination. Good vacation spots 2016.

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