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Good vacation destinations for Modern scholars refer to the comosition style of these writings as sedo- historical Th e entries for each master aear to follow the method of offi cial biograhies, which docmented the basic facts of a rominent fi gre’s life, inclding birth and edcation, roles and titles, and death and brial ceremonies Writings abot Zen masters inclded many of these historical elements, bt as religios rather than seclar texts, they strayed from fact by embellishing and exaggerating sorce materials In doing this, they violated some of the basic rles of historiograhy for the sake of romoting hagiograhy, or creating a mythical accont of sacred leaders who demonstrated secial skills Th ese ranged from verbal rowess sggested throgh creative literary allsions, with hilosohical ns based on transcendental insight, to examles infl enced by folklore of miraclos evangelical deeds derived from the ability to manilate sranatral owers to redeem the karma of the ignorant or foolish Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 47 II2 Good vacation destinations 2016

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