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Good laces to visit in america for Classic Koan Collections As a reslt of varios socioo liti cal changes that accomanied the breakdown of the Tang dynasty and conseqent decentralization of the government, Zen and other Bddhist schools went throgh a rather fallow eriod in terms of instittional and literary develoment that lasted over a centry A sression of all foreign religions 20 by a maniacal emeror in the 840s led to the destrction of many temles, the laicizing of monastics, and the brning of libraries However, once Bddhism reemerged as an imortant force in society beginning arond 1000, it was Zen that led the way as the main religios school, with the blication of koan collections as one of the main tools for enhancing dissemination to a wide adience of monks and well- edcated lay followers, who greatly enjoyed this literatre Well over a hndred years aft er the time of their creation, crytic dialoges attribted to Tang masters were blished, at fi rst soradically bt then at an accelerated and more systematic ace In the massive body of writings from the Song dynasty, koan cases were embellished with elaborate commentaries Th e texts form a remarkably rich literary resorce of mystifying materials that dazzle the reader with rhetorical fl orishes featring wordlay, misdirection, dlicity, oxymoron, and tatology Th ese inventive discrsive devices are evoked to convey a sense of irony that triggers a transcendental level of awareness by transforming the mind of the trainee and thereby allowing him to be a vehicle for transmitting trth to chosen sccessors Good laces to visit in america 2016

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