Golmarmara for Despite his reluctance to mimic the natural sciences, Weber was opposed to any historical description of events that made no systematic attempt at explanation. He suggested that explanatory theories be developed and actively employed in the social sciences. These social scientific theories would be based on the observed correlations of human events, institutions, attitudes, and values. theory and vision 1 1 Weber called these correlations ideal types. An ideal type is not a moral category but a conceptual construct that, by accentuating particular features of social phenomena, manages to explain these phenomena more efficiently and elegantly. One might, for instance, accentuate the role played by the president or prime minister of a country in order to make better sense of that country’s foreign policy. Perhaps a strong correlation can be found between a country’s foreign policy and its top executive’s psychological type, personal history, or ideological orientation. Golmarmara 2016.

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