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Multi-use Paths Multi-use paths almost always allow dogs. These include Blackies Pasture, TH22, and Richardson Bayfront to Bothin Marsh, TH21. Try Corte Madera Creek, TH28, and at Larkspur Landing, TH29, which can include a side-trip to the nice little beach at San Quentin Point. Shoreline Park, TH30, is also a keeper for pets, including the extended loop around Pickleweed Park. You’ll find a dog park at Piper Park, TH50. The Stafford Lake path can be accessed from TH100 and TH101.

Marin County Open Space Preserves and Parks

Dogs are allowed in preserves, although a few trails have restrictions. In general, the MCOSD lands area among the best places to take dogs. Most of the trailheads in the Miwok Woodlands are opens space preserve: See Trailheads 88 through 101. You’ll also find a number of preserves in Bay Wetlands, including San Pedro Mountain, TH34, and the marshes near the Marin Civic Center and Lagoon Park, TH35. Farther north are Deer Island, TH40, and Rush Creek, TH41. Agate Beach, TH64, is friendly to Fido, but keep him out of tide pools

The Mount Tamalpais section also has some open space preserve walks, mostly forested. Check out Cascade Canyon, TH44, Mt. Baldy in San Anselmo, TH46, Phoenix Lake, TH47, Baltimore Canyon, TH48, and King Mountain, TH49. You’ll find three preserves in Corte Madera Ridge, TH51, and plenty of dog access in Blithedale Summit, TH52. And don’t forget Ring Mountain, TH26, and Old St. Hilarys, TH25. Most county parks are sans dogs, but the trails in McInnis Park, TH36, area an exception.

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Marin Dog Parks

You’ll also find Martin Luther King Dog Park in TH19, across from Gate 5 Road, and an excellent running park at TH21, Richardson Bayfront. Marin Civic Center, TH35, has a dog run near the lagoon. Canine Commons is at Piper Park, TH50. For a current park listing, consult www.marin-humane. org/html/dogpark. html.

Marin Municipal Water District

MMWD trails allow dogs in almost all cases. On the north side of Tamalpais, you’ll find access to these lands in Alpine Lake, TH42, Sky Oaks Lakes, TH43, and out of Deer Park, in Fairfax, TH45. Other trailheads with access to MMWD are to be found in Mill Valley, TH53, Mountain Home Inn, TH56, and from the Rock Springs area of TH59. Also see the east side of Ridgecrest Boulevard, TH61. Kent Lake, TH88, is an excellent dog walk, and TH82, Nicasio Reservoir, is additional water district lands where dogs are allowed. Be Aware: Don’t let the dogs in the water anywhere on MMWD trails.

Marin Cities and Towns

The dog might enjoy the strolls in Tiburon, TH23, and Sausalito, TH18. Most often, city parks allow dogs on leash. San Rafael has some of the best, including San Rafael Hill in TH31, and Barbier Park, which is accessed best from Marin Drive in Peacock Gap, TH32, or Gold Hill Grade in TH34.

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