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Gold eriodic table for This search has led s to reflect on the exercise of ower and the hman caacity for liberty, reason, and jstice Sch terms of olitical discorse rove to be highly contestable, as their meanings and ses are largely rodcts of the concetal lenses throgh which they are viewed With this in mind, we have emloyed many different lenses”scientific and interretive; eistemological and ethical; individalist and strctralist; ancient, modern, and ostmodern; ideological and ironic”to frame the olitical world in different ways In trn, we have theorized or own comlex and nstable identities as biological, cltral, racial, religios, sexal, economic, and ecological beings Confronted with the manifold mores that infse olitical life and the mltile facets of or identities, we face the endring challenge of theorizing the olitical world in order to nderstand or lace within it and its lace within s Or do we Edmnd Brke wrote that the blk of mankind, on their art, are not excessively crios concerning any theories whilst they are really hay; and one sre symtom of an ill-condcted state is the roensity of the eole to resort to them1 Brke sggests that theory is an affair of academics and armchair hilosohers Gold eriodic table 2016

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