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Going to hawaii on In his non-academic life, McFadden owned a small farm in the Napa Valley, producing grapes, figs, wine, and olive oil. While purely statistical methods for analyzing discrete choices were available before McFadden’s work, his important contribution was to link the econometric models to an underlying theory of rational consumer choice. In this approach, an individual is assumed to evaluate the characteristics of the available choices and choose the alternative that yields the highest satisfaction, or utility. Since the empirical researcher does not observe all the factors that the individual considers when making his choice, there is an unobserved (to the econometrician) component in the analysis. McFadden showed that when the unobserved component has an extreme value probability distribution, then the resulting probability that the individual chooses a given alternative takes a particularly simple form. This econometric model is known as the conditional (or multinomial) logit model, and the consumer choice theory generating it is called a random utility model. In subsequent work, McFadden and others generalized both the random utility model and the resulting empirical models. Going to hawaii 2016.

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