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ELVIRA, Council of. We know two cities with the Latin name Eliberris Iliberris: one in Gallia Narbonensis, the other in the province of Baetica. There is no doubt that the council was celebrated in the latter: it is sufficiently proven by the sees of the participants. Archaeological data fix its site in an outlying ward Abaic­n of modern Granada, ruling out other homonymous places nearby. Most problematic is the year of its celebration, since the acts give only its day and month: 15 May. All are agreed on only one fact: it was held after 295 probable beginning of Ossius of Cordoba’s episcopate and before 314 year of the Council of Arles. Glendale Metro Map Nothing can help us determine the exact year except the data derived from a study of its 81 canons: can. 25 refers to those who are given the title of confessores; can. 60 does not accept as martyrs those put to death only for destroying idols; can. 73 mentions informers on Christians. All this seems to indicate the aftermath of a persecution; Glendale Metro Map in this case, it would be that of Diocletian and we could date it between 306 and 314. But other clues oblige us to take the date back to before the persecution: the absence of the problem of lapsi present at the Council of Arles and the coexistence of Christians and pagans, a situation characteristic of the time of lasting peace, not of that of persecution. So we can place the year of celebration between 300 and 303. Glendale Metro Map The acts are signed by 19 bishops and 24 presbyters, delegates of 37 Christian communities six of them sent a presbyter as well as the bishop. We can thus speak of a national council, also because the representatives of the five Roman provinces were present: Baetica, 19 and probably 3 more; Carthage, 8; Lusitania, 3; Tarraconensis, 1 and probably one more; and Gallaecia, 1. In all the registers Felix of Acci Guadix signed first, a privilege probably given him on account of his personal seniority among the bishops, not of the antiquity of his see.

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