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BONIFACE II, pope 530 532. Archdeacon at Rome, was designated pope by his predecessor Felix IV 526 530. Part of the Roman clergy refused to recognize him, however, and elected the antipope Dioscorus in his place. With the death of the latter on 14 October 530, Boniface finally assumed the fullness of his powers, also winning the support of the clergy who had opposed him. Boniface nevertheless committed the same imprudence as Felix, nominating a successor, Vigilius.

The initiative provoked a similar opposition among the clergy, and Boniface withdrew his proposal. The event highlighted the situation of uncertainty and lack of transparency that still characterized the fragile moment of pontifical succession, also because of the interference of senators in fact a Senate consultation prohibited them from giving or receiving money in support of a candidate to the papal throne and of King Athalaric, who reserved to himself the confirmation of elected pontiffs. Boniface endorsed the canons of the Council of Orange 529 against the semi-Pelagians and in favor of Augustine’s theology on grace and free will.

The tension between Rome and the East continued under this pope: in 531 Boniface presided over a council at Rome in which he declared that the churches of the Illyricum were dependent on him and in which he rejected the claims of Epiphanius, patriarch of Constantinople, who had deposed Stephen, the bishop of Larissa and metropolitan of Thessaly. CPL 1691; PL 45, 1790ff.; 65, 31-42; Mansi 8, 729; Collectio Thessalonicensis, ed. C. Silva-Tarouca, Rome 1937, 1-16, n. 1623 Acta of the Roman Synod of 531; LP I, 283ff.; DHGE IX, 897-898 G. Bardy; Fliche-Martin IV, It. tr., 1972, 528-531 on the Council of Orange; A. von Harnack, Kleine Schriften zur Alten Kirche, II, Leipzig 1980, 655-673; J. Speigl, Das Religionsgespr¤ch mit den severianischen Bischfen in Konstantinopel im Jahre 532: AHC 16 1984 264-285; V. Grossi, L’Auctoritas di Agostino nella dottrina del peccatum originis da Cartagine 418 a Trento 1546: Augustinianum 31 1991 329-360 341-342; LTK 2, 578 P. Duckers; EPapi I, 492-495 P.

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