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It was New Years Eve two nights ago and I decided to go into town to celebrate. I’m currently training at KC Muay Thai which is 25 minutes away, in the countryside of Chiang Mai. This was also the first New Year’s Eve since I turned 16 that I didn’t drink, do drugs or otherwise get fucked up. I stayed at a little hostel where I met a ton of cool people traveling around the world and ended up going to dinner with a group. It was Mexican food and, although the free chips and salsa were quite good, the actual food itself wasn’t, especially compared to what we have in California. After dinner we stopped by the 7-Eleven to get drinks to pre-party back at the hostel.

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I didn’t have a reason not to drink but three months ago I decided to stop and focus on my health and training. That very morning I had been deciding whether or not to break my 3-month sober streak – “let’s just see what happens”, I thought. A little bit before midnight we went back to Thaepae Gate where the main countdown was to be held. We lit paper lanterns – for good luck – and made a wish. Nothing happened that night aside from a bit of dancing and having fun. I stayed sober (aside from a few Red Bulls and sodas) even when I was offered free drinks by three different girls that night. It was a bit of a difficult situation but I ended up keeping level headed and focused on my health and fitness instead. People say that every time you go out drinking you lose an entire week’s worth of cardio and fitness that you had worked so hard for – and I believe them. My goal for this year has been to dedicate myself to Muay Thai and getting in the best shape of my life; to do whatever it takes.

So, even though I’m quite sure I could have hooked up with someone that night if I had loosened up a bit and had some drinks, it wasn’t my priority. The next morning, however, I ended up bumping into the French girl, Sophie, who I’d been hanging out with the night before. She had left the group early, without saying goodbye, as she wanted to sneak away to bed before it got too late. I was on my way to explore a park that I had never been before and invited her along with me. It was really nice that she agreed to come. Before getting to the park we stopped by an archery range (that is now on my to-do list), had some lunch at a local Thai restaurant and even thought about buying a baby hedgehog at a pet store. We also stopped by a few temples and a free museum along the way. Eventually we got to the park, rented a bamboo mat for 10 baht (33cents) and lay out together in the sun for the rest of the afternoon. It was nice, and a change of pace for me. For the last two months my focus was strictly eat, sleep and train, and I was surrounded by testosterone. Everyone I hung out with at the gym was a guy and even the few women at the gym were focused on their masculine energy.

So laying around in a park with a girl in my arms was refreshing, and a good way to rebalance my feminine energy. We got a few dirty looks for making out in public – a cultural ‘no-no’ in Thailand – and ended up on our way back to the hostel. We bought some clementines, which I referred to as baby mandarin oranges, and hung out at the hostel until dinner. Turns out for 40 baht, ($1.33US) you can buy a kilo worth of them and it’s much more than two people can eat, so we shared it with the rest of the hostel and still had some left over. For dinner we found a random hole-in-the-wall Thai-Chinese restaurant that served the most amazing crispy skinned roast pork and soup I’ve had anywhere. After dinner we went for a walk along a flower market and river, and ended up back at the moat for another make out session before taking her home. I figured I might as well just take her back to my apartment. I was a bit hesitant to ask at first since I live quite far out of the city, so I thought I’d be clever and suggest we go back to my place so she could check out my gym and where I lived. Anyway, long story short, after we had sex she laid in my arms, cuddling into the nook of my shoulder. It was then that I knew we could be most honest with each other, so I asked her when she had first become attracted to me and when she knew she wanted to have sex. I used to think there was something called ‘game’, where you could say the right things and seduce any woman you wanted.

It turns out that women know what they want long before you cleverly suggest going back to your place, to see your gym! All game really is, I think, is an understanding what women are attracted to: being in shape, well groomed, confident and knowing how to ‘pull the trigger’ when she gives you hints. In my previous life I wasted years trying to figure out what women wanted and what the perfect conversation should be like. Now I simply focus on my passions, stay in shape, am confident enough to go after what I want and pull the trigger when she gives me the signal. My sex life is better than it ever was, all without having to think about it or play games – I call it designing an attractive lifestyle. Another good thing about having Sophie over is I finally had the balls to eat at a local Thai restaurant near the gym that I had been afraid to go to these past few months. The staff didn’t speak a word of English and had no menus but we somehow figured it out, and had a great last meal together before I put her in a taxi on her way. I had planned on training that afternoon but I was exhausted from the long day before and our morning session before she left. The good thing is we both had fun with our little fling, and now I can focus again on what I came here to do, and that is to train.

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