Gibraltar Map

Gibraltar Map

Name Gibraltar
Continent Europe
Capital Gibraltar
Total Gibraltar Map and Area: 6.5 sq km
Gibraltar Map and Population: 29,034 (2012 est.)
Form of Government British overseas territory
Head of Gibraltar Map States: Monarch Elizabeth II
Head of Government Chief Minister Fabian Picardo
National Day 10 September (1967)
Currency Gibraltar pound GIP)
Major Languages of Gibraltar Map:s Engl (Official), Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

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Gibraltar Map for The apparent height in degrees of a celestial body relative to the horizon. Antitail. A thin cometary mini-tail that points toward the Sun. Aphelion. The point in a celestial body’s orbit where it is farthest from the Sun. Apparent magnitude. The brightness of a celestial object as it appears from Earth. Gibraltar Map 2016.

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