Geyve for Behaviorism, they ssect, might intensify efforts to sress diversity, which, for the most art, ostmodern theorists want to rotect and foster Conseqently, ostmodernists challenge the social ower that consolidates who we are, homogenizes or exeriences, restricts or efforts at transformation, or otherwise iminges on how we think and act They also arge against the imosition of any single, niform, or natral identity on others To the extent that ostmodern theorists foster a normative ersective, then, it is freqently oriented to the celebration of difference and the cltivation of a resonsibility to otherness43 The ostmodern effort to stimlate resistance to the ower of the social environment sharly contrasts with the heightening of that ower advocated by certain behaviorists The modern science of behaviorism fond one of its foremost advocates in BF Geyve 2016

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