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Getaway vacation deals for However, implementation of FTAA is likely to shift leadership in world output, if not in trade, again to the Americas. NAFTA has caused many firms to adopt an integrated North American strategy by merging the operations of the three signatory countries. This permits savings in sourcing, production, and management. Also, firms from outside the region increasingly regard NAFTA as one trading region. This has, for example, the effect of European companies setting up production operations in Mexico, where factor costs are comparatively lowest, and selling final products in the United States and Canada, where purchasing power is highest. Since 1965, Mexico has allowed duty-free imports of machinery, components, and equipment as long as at least 80 percent of final products are exported. NAFTA has further accelerated the development of this industry, within an in-bond free trade zone along the border with the United States. Getaway vacation deals 2016.

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