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The marketing communication has also been affected by these different levels of mistrust, as today the rich have a crisis finding sense in life’. It is unavoidable that the market is going to suffer from this fact. If the buyer docs not trust, the consumption world is harmed by this. Also, one cannot predict the decisions to buy anymore. How, where, and why do people buy the things they buy?

The mistrust of the rich shows itself first when the rich look skeptically on the happy talk of the greedy ones. At least they feel consumption will not bring them happiness or security. It is because of this reason that for now they buy only for the pleasure of shopping, they buy because of dissatisfaction, or they buy to console themselves. They do not appreciate what they own afterwards. The feeling of insecurity is because of economical reasons for the poor or for the ones with fewer assets. Most of them are reluctant to spend their money in order to be ready in any case of emergency. The others buy despite all these reasons, as they want to feel secure even if it is for a short period of time. It mosdy happens spontaneously, and they do not think about the financial consequences. Anyone who buys only for the pleasure of buying, or to be able to forget, or to be able to comfort his/her distress, is eligible to be affected by advertisement.

Marketing strategy experts cannot predict where and when these people will choose comfort shopping. So, they try to catch this pleasure frequendy and they try to

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