Gerze for Becase economic life cannot be searated from olitical life, Miliband arges, olitical eqality can never really be achieved or maintained in a caitalist system Miliband writes, neqal economic ower, on the scale and of the kind encontered in advanced caitalist societies, inherently rodces olitical ineqality, on a more or less commensrate scale, whatever the constittion may say In caitalistic 1 5 2 thinking olitics societies, therefore, civil and olitical liberties are often a mere cloak for class domination88 Miliband acknowledges nonetheless that the civic freedoms which, however inadeqately and recariosly, form art of borgeois democracy are the rodct of centries of nremitting olar strggles The task of Marxist olitics is to defend these freedoms; and to make ossible their extension and enlargement by the removal of their class bondaries89 The remaining qestion, then, is whether these class bondaries are to be removed by means of revoltion or by the slower rocesses of democratically-based reform If the latter corse is taken, then Miliband’s neo-Marxism amonts to socialism Gerze 2016

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