Germencik for The Allied record, by contrast, was one of general success in meeting the challenges of mobilization. After a slow start”nearly a year after the war had begun, more than a million workers remained unemployed” the United Kingdom mounted an impressive production effort, with 55 percent of GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT (GDP) being devoted to war purposes by 1943. Even the Soviet Union, which saw the destruction of perhaps a quarter of its physical assets, was able to match and then exceed German output by the same year, although only at the cost of a very drastic reduction in the production of civilian goods. The Soviet Union’s principal contribution to the war effort, however, was physical rather than material: For every American citizen who died in the struggle against the common enemy, more than 150 Soviet citizens lost their lives. Effects of the war. The United States emerged from the war less affected, physically or materially, than any of the other principal combatants. Uniquely, overall levels of civilian output in the United States were maintained while a vast munitions production sector was constructed almost from scratch. Germencik 2016.

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