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DEOGRATIAS d. 457, bishop of Carthage. Successor of Quodvultdeus in the see of Carthage from 454 457, his election was obtained from Genseric by Valentinian III. He was ordained in the basilica of Faustus, 24 October. He helped prisoners brought from Rome by the Vandal king after the sack of 455, making available two basilicas to accommodate them. The see remained vacant for 24 years after his death. In the Cal. Carth. he is included 5 January, in the Mart. rom. 22 March, but neither of these dates is certainly that of his death.

The earliest example of burying Christians near the tombs of saints could be that of Maximilian, buried near St. Cyprian of Carthage in 295. Germany Map Ambrose Exc. Satyr. explains that the practice protects the dead person from dangers beyond the grave. Augustine, in his De cura pro mortuis gerenda ca. 421 422, addressed to Paulinus of Nola, explains that the proximity to the tombs has value only if it encourages the living to pray more fervently for their dead ones. Christian archaeology offers many examples of the practice. DACL I, 479-509; V. Saxer, Morts martyrs reliques en Afrique chrtienne aux premiers si¨cles, Paris 1980, 108, 116, 166, 239; P.A. Fevrier, Le cult des martyrs en Afrique et ses plus anciens monuments, in Corsi di cultura sull’arte ravennate e bizantina, Faenza 1970, 191-195; Y. Duval, Loca Sanctorum Africae.

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