Georgina Goodman unique shoes

12-14 Shepherd Street, W1 020 7499 8599 Open 10-6 Mon-Fri, 11-4 Sat Goodman’s sculptural, hand-painted shoes created to individual specifications in the workshop downstairs are wearable works of art with pricetags to match, but there is a more affordable, ready-to-wear line, too. Also on sale in the airy, gallery-style space are baby bootees, bags and other leather goods.

Georgina Goodman unique shoes Photo Gallery

Effective coping enables the family to adapt to the stressor event and manage it so that the family returns to its previous level of functioning. Family theorists believe it is possible that through coping with a stressor event, the family can learn new skills and develop new strengths so that the family rebounds and achieves a higher level of functioning than before the stressor. The concept of resilience refers to the ability to rebound and become more skillful as a result of dealing with stress. Gary Peterson, Charles Hennon, and Terrence Knox apply the concepts of family stress theory to increase our understanding of stresses of parenting. They point to three kinds of stressor events A in the process of parenting: normative stressors that are part of everyday life like the stressors of caring for dependent young children or the stressors from developmental transitions like the transition to parenthood or having children become adolescents nonnormative stressors that are unpredictable events that disrupt everyday life like parental divorce or a child’s life-threatening illness chronic stressors that are atypical events, persisting over time and placing an ongoing burden of stress on parents, marital conflict or a child’s having behavioral problems like ADHD Parental resources B include parents abilities and strengths and the resources and strengths of the extended family and community.

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