Gelibolu for The scientific theorist is supposed to be a neutral observer whose feelings and biases are left outside the door of the laboratory. The scientist is detached from her subject matter, approaching it only by means of impersonal tools of analysis and measurement that anyone with similar skills could employ. Only in this way can repeated experimentation confirm theory, since any other scientist, employing the same procedures under the same conditions, will arrive at the same results. For theorists of social and political life, in contrast, the ability to feel and think in ways similar to the object of study is a crucial component of their task. theory and vision 1 3 The analysis of responses to the question about the appropriate balance between liberty and equality, for example, is necessarily grounded in the theorist’s own reflective experiences. Without such resonance between the theorist and the theorized, little of interest can be said. Humans, unlike plants and rocks, interpret themselves. Gelibolu 2016.

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