Gebze for We cannot say exactly how someone influenced by Platonic mores is likely to think or act in any particular situation. Yet we can foresee that someone who adopts a Platonic conception of human nature is unlikely to advocate a Hobbesian style of politics. The Platonic valorization of philosophic reasoning is incompatible with the rule of a despot having no philosophic training or knowledge. Plato’s concept of the three-part human soul with reason ruling the emotions and appetites has produced cultural mores that have lasted more than 2,500 years. These mores continue to reproduce themselves today, effectively leaping from brain to brain through the media of books and lectures. Individuals who adopt these mores will tend to interact with their political environment within a particular reaction range of thought and behavior. Of course, even a dyed-in-the-wool Platonist may change his mind and become a Hobbesian thinker or actor. Gebze 2016.

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