Gazipasa for Indeed, the entire history of human development is largely a product of the pulling and tugging between our genes and our culture. Let us look at an example of this pulling and tugging between nature and nurture. It is likely that among the immediate precursors to Homo sapiens, who lived over 300,000 years ago, the growth of the brain was not only the cause but also the effect of cultural development. Among these hominids, cultural development fostered and accelerated physiological evolution. The development of midwifery (aided childbearing) allowed baby hominids with larger heads, and hence larger brains, to pass more successfully through the relatively small pelvic cavities of their mothers. (Being upright walkers, hominids, like modern humans, had narrow hips.) These larger-brained children would eventually reproduce, passing on their genes for larger brains to their own children. Gazipasa 2016.

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