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66 Marchmont Street, WC1 020 7278 7654 Open 10-6:30 Mon-Sat, 2-6 Sun The UK’s largest gay bookshop has been in business since the late 1970s. Titles cover fiction, philosophy, history, politics, erotica, relationships and emotional issues. Gay detective novels have a section to themselves. Videos and second-hand books are also on sale in this friendly shop.

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Erikson does not believe that we resolve each crisis once and for all. Later experiences can change earlier resolutions for better or worse. Stress in adulthood, for example, can disrupt mature ways of coping so a person may show immature behaviors. Positive experiences in adulthood can reverse mistrust or doubt developed in childhood. We focus on the qualities in travel that develop when the appropriate experiences and positive environmental support occur; if experiences are primarily negative and support is lacking, negative qualities will develop.

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