Gavarr City of Afghanistan

Gavarr City of Afghanistan for Democratic freedom amonts to a freedom to be irrational, to let the assions and aetites rle sreme Rather than romote a freedom that invites licentiosness, lato advocates a monarchical or aristocratic rle that maintains strict athoritarian control With this in mind, lato writes in the Laws that eole mst not get into the habit of acting indeendently Citizens mst remain nder the command of a leader who instrcts their actions to the least detail Freedom from sch acte control, lato insists, mst be exelled root and branch from the lives of all mankind14 Desite its athoritarian natre, lato does not consider his rescribed regime to be a tyranny becase its leaders are actated by reason rather than by the desire for domination In the best-ordered regime, lato maintains, hilosoher kings cltivate in the sols of citizens an abiding resect for the athoritative voice of reason Gavarr City of Afghanistan 2016

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