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Marco Polo Gateway Map

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Size: 572 x 400 ‚· 83 kB ‚· gif

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Beschrijving Gateway Mall Map.png

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Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image

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Botswana Game Reserves

Gateway Map for Melzack This is more complicated to administer and interpret than the simple scales described above. However, it provides a multidimensional understanding of the nature of the pain that an individual is experiencing. In its various forms, it measures n the type of pain including throbbing, shooting, stabbing, cramping, gnawing, hot and tender, using a four-point scale from none’ to severe’; n the emotional response to the pain including tiring, exhausting, fearful and punishing; n the intensity of the pain on a scale from no pain’ to worst possible pain’; n the timing of pain whether it is brief, continuous or intermittent. While this measure extends our assessment of pain, it does not address all the responses to it. It does not, for example, measure pain in relation to movement or measure an individual’s behavioural response to pain. How much does it restrict their daily life? Can they walk up stairs, or lift heavy weights? These may all have to be measured separately. Turk and Okifuji suggested that one can also measure the pain behaviour in which an individual engages. Gateway Map 2016.

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