Gardez City of Afghanistan

Gardez City of Afghanistan for The rest of the workday was spent in SURPLUS value, which provided excess profit for the capitalist rather than higher wages for the worker. The Communist Manifesto called for working men of all countries to unite. This unity would occur, according to Marx, through the stages in the war between the proletariat (workers) and the bourgeoisie (capitalists). In the beginning, individual workers began to be dissatisfied, possibly directing anger toward the factory owner rather than toward the capitalist system. As soon as economic crisis occurred” perhaps through reduced wages and personal deprivations”riots might occur, drawing a group of workers together. As the situation worsened, workers would band together and form a political party to influence legislation aimed at helping workers. When the changes were not drastic enough to suit the workers, a revolutionary class developed, and the goal of this class was to overthrow the existing system. Gardez City of Afghanistan 2016.

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