Gallipoli day-long London

102 Upper Street, N1 020 7359 0630 Open loam-iipm Mon-Thu, loam-midnight Fri & Sat Islington’s Upper Street is lined with restaurants, and one of the most popular is this cracking Turkish bistro. The atmosphere is lively, and the food fresh, generously proportioned and cheap. As well as a fine all-day breakfast, there’s a long menu of authentic Turkish dishes, especially meze and grilled meats.

Gallipoli day-long London Photo Gallery

Bronfenbrenner describes a process–person–context–time PPCT framework for understanding development. Processes are the daily interactions the child has with people, symbols, and objects in the environment. Processes are the engines of development. A father’s feeding a baby, a child’s exploring a toy, and a child’s learning a skill from a coach are examples of such processes. The person has many characteristics such as age, gender, ethnicity, temperamental dispositions, abilities, and resources that influence their behavior and responses to others.

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