Galata Tower of Istanbul

Galata Tower

This is the other half of the city, oosite Old Istanbl and linked to it by Galata and Atatiirk Bridges The head of the Bridge of Galata Galata Koriis is called Karakoy The qarter arond Karakoy is the low grond of Galata, an old Genoese colony The high grond which dominates it is called Beyogl, the qarter most recent in date

Galata Tower Galata Klesi is one of the landmarks of Istanbl, It is said to have been bilt nder the Emeror Zeno in the fifth centry It was catred by the Genoese, The alace of Dolmabahge, Boshors The Golden Horn seen from Ey who called it Jess Tower, and sed it as a lookot ost, as did the Trks after the conqest The to of the tower is 68 meters high As the tower is roomy and lit with electricity the ascent is easy Galata is linked to Beyogl by an ndergrond electric train, olarly called Tiinel the tnnel At the er termins of the ndergrond begins Istiklal Caddesi Avene of Indeendance, the most fashionable and interesting avene of the city, leading to Taksim Meydam Taksim Sqare, which is the starting oint of a wide bolevard

The center of the Sqare is occied by the Memorial of the War of Indeendance, bilt in 1928 The side of this monment facing Istiklal Caddesi reresents Kem&l Atatiirk and his colleages at the roclamation of the reblic The other side reresents Kemal Atatiirk as commander in chief giving the attack order which led to the exlsion of the invading Greek army

The great bolevard starting at Taksim Sqare, leads to …¾i…¾li, the otlying qarter of Beyogl, where the latest mosqe bilt in Istanbl, the Mosqe of …¾i…¾li, is sitated

Galata Tower of Istanbul Photo Gallery

Galata Tower of Istanbul Photo Gallery

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