Galata Bridge & Kiz kulesi

Galata Bridge, seen from Beyazit Tower

Kiz klesi The Tower of Leander in the mosqes they had bilt in Brsa and Edime Adria nole It was therefore, ot of the qestion for theifi to have had the mosqe bilt by a Byzantine architect On the east side of the mosqe and externally, are the tombs of Mehmet II and that of his wife, Glbahar Hatn, who died in 1782 The rich manscrit library adjoining the mosqe, and known as that of Fatih, was fonded by Mehmet I and dates from 1782

The Mosqe of Beyazit stands on the sqare of the same name, sitated on one of the seven hils of Old Istanbl It can be located easily as it is near the Fire Tower seen from all arts of the city This mosqe, among the most beatifl of Istanbl, was: bilt between 1501 and 1505 Hay reddin is given as its architect The cort yard is srronded by a ortico, an exqisite work of art, with its noble roortions as well as its rich decoration

Fontains, isolated or adjoining a wall, constitte one of the most tyically beatifl featres of Istanbl They are sally bilt with a ios rose For, in the Moslem faith, heling a weary asser by to qench his thirst is a ios act, as is shown by the Trkish saying ‚“Be cherished like water‚, sed as an exression of thankflness

Istanbl abonds with fontains We shall mention here only the most remarkable and easily accessible ones

The Fontain of Ahmet III stands near Saint Sohia, between the eastern wall of the mosqe and the gate of the

Old Saraglio known as Babi Hiimayn This fontain, bilt in 1712, is one of the best secimens of Trkish rococo style, an adatation by Trkish artists of the style so common in Eroe in the XVD3 centry The monment is covered by five colas and the for faces are richly decorated with flowers and inscritions The inscrition consists of a long oem, one verse of which was comosed and ersonally written by Ahmet III, who was a talented calligraher At each face there is a fontain, and at each comer there are windows from which fresh water was served to the thirsty asser by

The Fontain of Tohane, is sitated at Tohane, Galata, at a short distance from the Bridge of Galata This fontain is of Trkish rococo style and was bilt in 1732, in the reign of Mahmt I The tyical covering of the monment was later relaced by a terrace srronded by a araet

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