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Fukuoka Metro Map on The impasse has led to a further refinement of a technical nature among the followers of the Islamic School an ever-expanding industry of ingenious innovations to circumvent the use or appearance of the use of interest. A more assertive approach is characterized by an attack on the institution of interest as the embodiment and source of all ills, economic and otherwise, like unemployment, inflation, and international exploitation in the defense of devising different interest-free strategies to advance and extend credit service. Another line of argument in the mix has been advanced by the secularist scholarship at various times. This is meant to validate the modern interest- based banking after formally addressing the concerns of Islamic scholars regarding the ill effects of interest. Interest or usury? It is posited that indeed the role of interest- based loans in ancient times led to exploitation in the form of loan bondage. The Riba (usury) played a double role in the social and economic structure of (pre- Islamic) Mecca by allowing the concentration of huge amounts of wealth in the hands of a few and by reducing the social status of other. Hence the justified injunctions against the charging of interest. Fukuoka Metro Map 2016.

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