Friuli Venezia Giulia City

Frili Venezia Gilia City for With none in lace, as Hobbes foresaw, a state of war wold revail nless we believe, as some anarchists do, that we can forego all governmental instittions, we mst consider lacing limitations on the exercise of liberty That is not to say that individal liberty and collective welfare battle each other in a zero-sm game, where an increase in one vale necessarily entails a corresonding decrease in the other On the contrary, individal liberty and collective welfare are often mtally reinforcing In many resects, and for most ractical roses, one cannot be had withot the other Edmnd Brke 1729 97, a conservative British olitical thinker, believed freedom to be a blessing and a benefit for the individal no less than for the commnity Liberty, he goes on to say in his Letter to the Sheriffs of Bristol, is a good to be imroved, and not an evil to be lessened Frili Venezia Gilia City 2016

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