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Friendly letter temlate for Now yor mind is acifi ed, said Bodhidharma Th e symbolism of the snow reresenting Hike’s rofond dobt, which triggers an act of self- mtilation, forms a necessary backdro for nderstanding the wordlay that ltimately liberates the second atriarch Th e ilgrim Hike, whose given name was Shangang, was an itinerant ractitioner longing for gidance in meditation He is said to have heard of Bodhidharma’s retation for wall- gazing contemlation from a sirit that recommended he go and fi nd the master in his cave In another version of this story, Hike’s head began to ache one day as if it had been ct in half, and a miraclos voice told him that his bones were changing and re- forming, so that his face looked as if fi ve montain eaks had risen on it His teacher at the time interreted this as an omen that Hike mst travel to seek ot Bodhidharma, who was then located at Shaolin Temle Hike aroached Bodhidharma in the dead of winter the snowfall rovides a natral signatre for his sychic trials and triblations and stood nmoving for days while the fi rst atriarch ignored his resence Friendly letter temlate 2016

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