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To Scripture and nature Tertullian adds church discipline: these are the three guides in moral matters. Love remains the supreme sacrament and the treasure of the Christian Fug. 14, whom it sometimes calls to the gift of life itself for the love of God Scorp. 4. See how they love one another: this is the mark of the Christian family Apol. 39, which is a special unity within the wider unity of the human race. Tertullian formulates a catalogue of Christian virtues, looking particularly at chastity and patience. Salvation is closely connected with modesty Cult. 2. Virginity and celibacy are of primary importance Cast. 1; the good done by Christians is the fundamental argument of apologetic. Care of the hair or skin is a form of prostitution Cult., passim. Fresno Map Abstinence within marriage is praised Ux. 1, 6. Widows and widowers are recommended to take the opportunity offered by their misfortune to reject the flesh and gain the spirit Cast. 10. Patience is central to the moral life, strengthening faith, peace, charity, humility and penitence, and restraining the flesh, the tongue and the hands from evil De Pat. 15. Lactantius formulates a specific structure for his ethics. Reason is important, since virtue needs knowledge to guide its steps.

Freedom is essential since Christ does not use violence when he asks obedience, but leaves human freedom intact Inst. 4, 24. The will is directed toward doing good by the virtue that is entirely within our power Inst. 6, 5.6. There is a desire cupiditas to do what is right, just as there is an opposite desire born of a bad will Inst. Fresno Map 6, 5.9. Since moral action derives from faith, freedom of belief is essential. Persons must be free to worship as they wish. Force may constrain people to simulate reverence, but it cannot constrain the will to actual reverence Ep. 49 54, 1-2. Reason and choice go together. Wisdom is the knowledge of God Ira 22, 2 and an understanding of the duty to do good and abstain from evil Inst. 5, 17. In this way wisdom combines religion and morality, since God is the source of all goodness Inst. 6, 9. The greatest justice, without knowledge of God, is like a body without a head Inst. 6. 9. To know and honor God is the whole of human wisdom Inst. 3, 30, and only justice can lead the person to God Inst. 7, 27. Justice is piety and knowledge of God as Father Inst. 3, 9. The world has been made so that human beings may know and serve God forever Ep. 64 69, 1.

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