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Moving to the West, in the area of Milan our sources are Ambrose’s De Abraham I CSEL 321 1897 499-564, Explanatio symboli CSEL 73 1955 1-12, De sacramentis CSEL 73, 13-85, De mysteriis CSEL 73, 87-116; cf. O. Pasquato: RAC 20, 457-462 and texts from his other writings. In the catechumenate phase, instruction is basically the community liturgical instruction of the faithful, except for an introductory catechesis and that leading up to baptism. Documented also in the West is the dismissal of catechumens before the prayers of the faithful and the eucharistic liturgy Ambr. Ep. 76, 4 CSEL Fremont Map 82,3,109. Ambrose’s preaching is mainly moral F. Bergamelli, Ambrogio di Milano: J. Gevaert ed., Diz. di Cat., 29-30. Here also, as in the East, many catechumens deferred baptism for fear, in the case of a grave sin, of incurring the severe penalties of penitential discipline. Ambrose invites reception of baptism beginning on Epiphany Sunday nomen suum dare: Sacr. 3,2,12; Aug., Conf. 9,6,14: Augustine with his son Adeodatus and friend Alypius; W. Harmless, Augustine and the Catechumenate in Milan, Collegeville, MN 1995, 79-96; cf. M. Metzger: RAC 20, 537. Enrollment for baptism corresponds to Jesus’ miracle of the healing of the man born blind Jn 9:6-7: it is an invitation to do penance for one’s sins Sacr. 3,12.

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